Inventory Availability Terms

We are often asked about the terms we have listed when you select a particular size of an item. Some say “## in stock (can be backordered), “## in stock”, and some just say “Available on backorder”.

  • If you see “## in stock (can be backordered)“, this means we have whatever number appears of the item and size in our current inventory. The statement “(can be backordered)” means if we run out of inventory, Charlie’s Project has them in stock and we can get them in, it will just take a few extra days.
  • When an item says “## in stock“, this means we only have those available and currently that print, product and size is not available at Charlie’s Project and we don’t know we or if we will get more.
  • When an item is “Available on backorder“, that just means we don’t have it on hand in our inventory.  The item is available and in stock at Charlie’s Project so we are able to get it, it will just take an extra few days to get to you.